• Here is our selection of gaskets from the GEA-KELVION company, suitable for : heat exchangers plates, pasteurizers, coolers, heaters, PHE and boilers.

All models for the maintenance and refurbishment of your plates.

Modèle  Modèle
ECO 100VT4
FAVT10 Lat
FA184 ThickVT10 Diag
FA184 ThinVT20 clip
FA192 ThickVT20 glue
FA192 ThinVT40 clip
NVT40 glue
N40VT80 clip P/M
NTVT80 clip H
NT50 TVT80 glue K
NT50 MVT130M
NT50 XVT402 glue
NT100 TVT405 glue
NT100 MVT805 clip
NT100 XVT805 glue
NT150 LVT1306
NT150 SVT1309
NT250 L
NT350 S